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Dubai Creek Harbour is a brand new, world-class waterfront destination. Dubai Creek Harbour is a master-planned, mixed-use development encompassing nine districts with a fully integrated transportation system and major cultural offerings, Dubai Creek Harbour, offers a haven of luxury living. The dynamic city of the future at Dubai Creek Harbour features a mix of residential, commercial, retail and entertainment venues. The entire area covers 550 hectares of Dubai Creek, which is 820,000 square meters of the mall and 66,000 square meters of cultural space and 7.3 million square meters of a residential place. Major districts of Dubai Creek Harbour include the Island District, the Sanctuary District, the Retail District, and the Urban Core District. Staying in any of the residential towers in Dubai Creek Harbour in the lagoon is a paradise for households with children. Families staying here will enjoy a dedicated play area and pool for children, innovative recreational spaces, gardens, a day-care centre, supermarkets, and retail centres around the promenade.

Dubai Creek Harbour is part of The Lagoon's grasp community located on Ras Al Khor Road, close to the Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary. Dubai Creek Harbour represents a lifestyle that combines urban living with the natural environment and the Sanctuary District offers visitors to experience it. The area also has recreational parks and many opportunities to participate in various water-themed activities.

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